Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Classical Licks: J.S Bach and C.V Alkan

Here are the tabs corresponding to the "Bach and Alkan Licks" video I recently posted on YouTube. The contrast is noteworthy: on one hand you have the melodically generous offerings of Bach, and on the other you have whatever I could manage to play from Alkan! I'm quite surprised I could find anything playable in Alkan's 'Scherzo Focoso' Op. 34; the piece has a demonic drive but has a somewhat inflated reputation because of Ronald Smith's claims. The arpeggiated climax is action-packed but stretches on far too long for most (if not all) guitarists to handle.

The licks are presented in the same order as in the video!

If there are any questions about certain fingerings or picking patterns feel free to ask me on YouTube or at keithwhalen@gmail.com I don't always have the time (or patience) to plot all the individual fingerings.